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The Experts in GPS Time


Our Services in TIME


  • High Precision Time

  • Unparalleled Reliability

  • SWISS Engineering

  • Modern Technology


SWS.COM offers the latest in technology from Moser Baer to give you and your customers the most accurate time with a large array of options in the following formats


  1. Analogue Clocks

  2. Digital Clocks

  3. Multiple Face Clocks


All of our systems can be GPS Synchronised and managed through your IT infrastructure


Need a time synchronisation between your offices worldwide? We can provide a seemless integration for your servers to synchronise with each other through our Network Time Protocol System.
















Your solutions for time distribution and time display for: Airports, Railways, Metros, Light Rail Trains, Cruises / Ships, Schools / Universities, Hospitals, Industries / Offices, Public Buildings, and Others















Your solutions for network synchronization and time reference for: Airports, Public Transport, Communication Networks, Power Stations, and IT Applications


Our Range of Products :


















































For more information call us @ 94875405 / 93837087 (Mr Leo)

or email us at ,



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