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Net Master Clock DTS 4801/4802. Masterclock

The master clock DTS 4801 comes in a 19" housing for rack mounting (1U). Main information, such as current time and date, synchronization status, current network IP-address, power and alarm status, are displayed by LED’s and on a LCD display (2 lines of 16 characters).


The network master clock has a built in NTP Server which can be configured in server, client or combined client-server mode in order to provide NTP (network time protocol) time distribution services in unicast or multicast mode over Ethernet LAN / WAN network. It can operate as an NTP time zone server by providing up to 20 time zones into encoded NTP-frame for world time clock synchronization.

In addition it provides the following dedicated slave clock synchronization outputs: 1 x RS485 serial and 1x selectable MOBALine or impuls with automatic current limitation upon overload detection.


The network parameters (IP and gateway addresses) of the master clock can be managed by DHCP protocol (dynamic) from a server or by SSH protocols (static).

Upon login/password identification, the master clock supports management and configuration through network remote access by MOBA-NMS software or via SNMP and encrypted SSH protocols. In addition, a service port located on the front panel is available for direct configuration access.


The master clock can be synchronized by a GPS receiver or serial time telegram. It can also operate in stand-alone mode thanks to an embedded real time clock.


The master clock manages automatic and autonomous alarm notification by SNMP (alarm and alive traps), SMTP (e-mail) protocols and over embedded alarm relay. Four general-purpose inputs contact’s detection can be used for alarm triggering (fire, intrusion sensors …).



Outputs:         ð    1 x 10/100 Mbit/s baseT-8P8C (RJ-45 Ethernet)

                   ð    1 x slave clock : MOBALine (multi time zone) or impulse line, for up to 100 slave clocks upon 400 meters over 1.5mm2 2-wire cable.

  • 1 x slave clock: RS 485 line for up to 31 supervised clocks

  • 1 x synthetic DCF 77 time code

  • 1 x serial interface RS 232 / 422 for configurable serial time telegram

  • 1 x alarm: free potential closing contact (embedded alarm relay)


Synchronization:    GPS receiver, serial time telegram or NTP protocol.

Operation:             communication over LAN/WAN (MOBA-NMS, SNMP, SSH or Telnet) or via serial interface RS 232 (PC terminal)

Monitoring:            LEDs: power, synchronization, alarm. Push button allowing to scroll information (status and alarm) on the LCD display.

Housing:               metal 19 "rack mounting, like IT equipment

Dimensions:          L x W x H in mm:  483 x 44 x 125

Power supply:                 85-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 22-30 VDC, < 30 VA

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